Reservations are for dinner/brunch guests who plan to order entrees. If you will only be drinking and/or ordering appetizers: the bar is first come, first served.

Please include a note if you have a seating preference (dining room, near-bar area / dancefloor, boxcar, front patio, back patio).

Call us at (209)366-1800 for parties of 7 or more, if you have a child in need of a high chair, if you require accommodations based on mobility, or if you plan on bringing an emotional support animal. We will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.

Reservations are only guaranteed for one and a half hours unless otherwise granted by a manager. Please call us if you have concerns. On nights with LIVE MUSIC, reservations beginning at 7:00pm or later will be honored for as long as you stay. Reservations beginning before 7:00pm on these nights expire after an hour and a half as usual

20% service charge added to parties of 8 or more. 4% Non-cash adjustment added to bills paid by card. The latter may be avoided by paying cash in full.